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Institutional Investment Management


For Non-Profit Endowments and Family Foundations

We have years of experience working with the boards of non-profit organizations and managing investments for endowment funds. Effective management of endowment funds is extremely important in helping maintain the sustainability of these organizations.

We are passionate about providing our institutional investment management services because we want to assist these valuable organizations in continuing their important work. 

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Why Work With Corvus Wealth Advisors?

We understand that non-profit boards and executive directors have a lot on their plate and we want to enable them to spend more of their time focused on the execution of their mission and the growth of their organization and less time worrying about their endowment investments.

At Corvus, we work hard to get to know each client organization to understand their unique mission, goals and challenges. Based on this information, we help our clients develop and refine their Investment Policy Statement. We analyze the endowment’s asset allocation to make sure it is consistent with their time horizon, spending and growth goals, and regularly monitor and rebalance investments. Corvus provides consistent reports and updates to investment committees to make sure that we are providing our clients with the information they need to feel confident that their endowments are responsibly invested for the sustainability of their organization.

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